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Upcoming Events

  • FREE Summer Camp - Week 1
    Mon, Jul 10
    Citrus Heights
    Jul 10, 9:00 AM PDT – Jul 14, 1:00 PM PDT
    Citrus Heights, 7690 Twin Oaks Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA
    Children will enjoy our 2-week summer camp. Parents will appreciate the FREE price!
  • Summer Camp Week 2
    Mon, Jul 17
    Citrus Heights
    Jul 17, 9:00 AM – Jul 21, 1:00 PM
    Citrus Heights, 7690 Twin Oaks Ave, Citrus Heights, CA 95610, USA
    This week we will center on the arts - fine as well as performing.

Our Mission

Kaleidoscope Holistic Learning Center offers free events, camps and family nature walks. Our innovative approach encompasses the arts, the sciences and movement. Our collaboration with local partners helps to empower families to thrive. Our learning opportunities include community gatherings based in nature and smaller groups focused on social emotional well-being.

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"I am writing an official "WOW" for Janice Oi, whom I was able to observe during a very rough afternoon Wednesday. 


For two hours she calmly faced physical and vocal interruptions from five students who simply could not re-tune and re-focus. She held them accountable to each other when appropriate. She patiently re-tuned, herself, when, as she said, she felt overwhelmed. Then she gave credit to those in the class who were behaving appropriately, working quietly, and ignoring interruptions. She gave up part of her lunch time to work with more than five students who were misbehaving. She had a conversation in which she asked them to think about ways they could remind themselves to be mindful. During this conversation they decided to use "accountability partners" who would help them to remember their mindfulness. This created an extra tool in their toolbox so that the kids could access their own inner control.


All of this was done with extreme patience and love. I stood in awe of her example. Things were literally flying through the air during the extreme parts of misbehavior, and yet she was able to return this chaotic class, time and again, to the lessons at hand. And those lessons were on not just the painting in front of us--but also lessons on virtues, on limits, on consideration for others, on personal responsibility--for everyone in the room. 


Now, the above is true of Mrs. Oi every day that I see her working with this class. But today she absolutely had it turned up to 200%. 


What an incredible honor to see her rise up to such a challenging day."


Thank you,

Lacey Coleman

What We Provide

  • We get kids and families out into nature!

  • We provide social skills through our camps and events!

  • FREE Summer Camp!

  • FREE Family Events

  • FREE Family Nature Walks