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About Us

Kaleidoschool is a public benefit corporation, and we hold federal tax exempt status as a non-profit organization. We are not a school, but rather we are an educational hub in the community.

Kaleidoschool is comprised of education and other professionals who believe there needs to be a systemic change in the education world. We want to effect that change by using the elements of nature, arts, community and well-being to help students, their families, and the community around us.

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Why Kaleidoscope?


There are many under-served communities in Sacramento...children who suffer from the achievement gap, children who suffer from trauma and/or mental health conditions, children who do not get a chance to express their artistic and music abilities, children who think from "all sides of the brain," and their families, who also need support.

Our techniques to help students bridge the achievement and equity gaps include:

Time in nature

Mindfulness & stress reduction processes

Arts and music exploration

Empowerment for children and their families

Engaging academic projects

Community partnerships with other community organizations

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