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Social Skills example classes

Our Social Skills groups are 8 classes per session. This is an example only, and specific classes may differ.

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  1. Am I able to stay with my child in the class?

     Due to safety of ALL children, no parents or guardians are permitted ​

     in the group setting. Participants will need to be assured of                     confidentiality.

  1. My child cannot speak at all, is this the right space for them?

     These groups work best for children who are able to physically               communicate with others. Referrals can be made to other services.​

  1. Do I have to commit to the whole session?

     Yes, you must commit to the session of 8 classes. ​

  1. What if I cannot afford the whole session?

     We offer partial and full scholarships based on need. Call of details:​



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