Janice Oliver-Iraci - Social Skills Group and Visual Arts

Janice, or "Mrs. Oi" as she is affectionately known, is a holistic educator who has worked with children for over two decades in many capacities.  As a credentialed teacher with a master's degree in education, Janice has intensely studied different ways of teaching and learning, and she is a fan of using creativity and innovation to reach all children. As a teacher who has current Waldorf experience, Janice is able to bring many of those methods to the children of Kaleidoscope. If you enjoy Waldorf education, you will likely enjoy her classes.

Her teaching experience includes quite a few years of teaching Kindergarten and the elementary grades.  She has taught multiple subject classrooms as well as classes concentrated on reading, math, art, choir, social sciences, foreign language and values.  Her teaching practice has included mentorship, collaboration and growth, and because of these values, she is able to bring them to the children under her instruction.  She has been honored with accolades such as Veteran Teacher of the Year and graduated Summa Cum Laude with both her bachelor's and master's degrees which were both earned at Brandman University.


Mrs. Oi has been well-loved by her students over the years because she strives to create relationships of trust and respect. She truly cares - not only about the children she works with, but their families too.  Her style is warm and oriented toward a growth mindset.

Richard Creel - Teacher; Academic Intervention: Reading

Richard Creel is a childhood educator with over thirty years teaching experience. A graduate of U.C. Santa Barbara School of Education, Richard also has been recognized as a Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development Specialist. His work with children has included a focus on reading instruction using different pedagogical and psychological methodologies. He has been specifically trained as a reading interventionist in both the “Reading Recovery” and “Success for All” reading programs. In addition, he has been trained in and incorporated Waldorf methodology for public school teachers. His training also comprises courses in “The Power of Art in the Classroom,” “Brain Gym,” and “Education through Music.”


Richard looks forward to working with students who have just begun to negotiate the journey toward becoming proficient readers and writers. He brings his creativity and compassion to his work with children who need a boost of confidence.

Myles Taylor.jpg

Myles Taylor is a music teacher from Sacramento, Ca. In the last couple years, Myles has established himself as a sought-after educator and mentor for students. With over 20 years of Saxophone experience, he has had the privilege of performing at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall. He has been a music teacher for 5 years teaching both private lessons as well as entire concert bands.


Mostly self-taught at an early age, Myles has a passion for showing students’ their ability to express their most unique and authentic self with and through their instruments. He has worked at places such as Cazadero Music Camp, to continue to instill the belief of self-expression, as it relates to community improvement. With the growing demand for child-centric learning, Myles looks to see what the needs are of the students and to be a guide on their personal life journey. 

Myles Taylor - Musical Motivation Instructor
028 - Shante Kumar_Sacramento, CA - cropped.jpg

Shante Kumar is an inspiring speaker, passionate educator, and a highly sought after
transformational coach and has facilitated workshops, seminars and trainings throughout the
bay area.
As a Transformational Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga Instructor, with over 20 years in
psychiatric nursing, Shante helps clients improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
health to enjoy increased energy, improved focus, greater self-confidence, and a deeper
connection to Spirit that permeates, and improves, every aspect of their lives.

Shante Kumar - Kundalini Yoga Instructor