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New session starting in January!  Limited 

classes available now...

 Nature Explorers

 Thursdays, 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

 Drum Circles
 Fridays, 1:00 - 2:00

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Academic Intervention
Nature Explorers
Social Skills Groups:

$20/hour.  10 one-hour classes per session.  Tuesdays (Reading) and Wednesdays (Math) after school.  See our Book Online tab for payment details. Session full.  Next session begins January 11, 2022.

Currently open to children grades 1 - 5.


Instructor holds a CA teaching credential  with a master's degree in Education with a concentration on teaching and learning, and a wealth of background on alternative instruction. The methods used are innovative and include the use of music, art, movement and creativity.  

There is a focus on growth mindset, so that children can increase their appreciation of the subject matter on their own, gain confidence, and autonomy.

Decades of experience with reading instruction and math intervention  allow Mrs. Oi to deduce challenges and find creative solutions.

Visual Arts:

$20/hour.  8 one-hour classes per session. Classes Friday mornings at 10:30 am. Next session begins January, 2022.


Before we are told how it has to be "good," we all love working creatively!  This class allows your child to explore different media, including: drawing, painting, ceramics, collage, weaving, wet felting and a crafts/miscellaneous class.  

Elementary aged students will get themost out of the class.

Visiting artists may join Mrs. Oi in sharing their expertise with the children.

Supplies are provided.  

$20/hour.  8 classes per session, each 2.5 hours.  Classes end November 18, 2022 and begin again in January, 2022.


Two and a half hours out in nature - what a treasure!  Join our tracker and storyteller, Chris Lopez, for time in nature where we can observe, learn and play together in the best setting the world has to offer.  

We will experience natural art, environmental science, math and movement all while outside.  We will spend time in meadows, by the river and in parks.  

Children should bring their own healthy snack and a full water bottle.


Discounts are offered for:

Referrals - 10% when booked

Siblings - First sibling receives 10%

Payment in Full - 5%

Drum Circle

$20/ hour.  4 one-hour classes per session. Friday afternoons. See Book Online tab for payment and calendar details.


Children enjoy so much the natural rhythm that the drums bring out in all of us!  Beginner's level.  This is working with rhythm, meter and beat.  Excellent way to work out stress, anxiety, and work on control.  Children may dance as well!

$25/ hour.  8 one-hour classes per session. Friday afternoons. Classes full for the late fall session.  Next session begins January, 2022.

See Book Online for payment details.

Intro group:  2:30 - 3:30 pm

Calming group: 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Today more than ever it is clear that we all need some help with social skills - learning how to help ourselves and others in communal situations.  We live in communities, but what are the expectations?  How do we handle it if we've never learned?


We provide two social skills groups - one for students who need exposure to their peers in order to gain experience in social practices, (Intro)  and one for students who might experience anxiety and/or emotional dysregulation (Calming).

Intro Group accomodates younger children - TK - 2nd grade; and Calming Group is geared toward 1st - 4th grades.

In the Intro class, students learn:

  • How to communicate in healthy ways

  • Methods to resolve conflict

  • How to use critical thinking to solve problems

  • How to include others

  • How to build relationships


In the Calming class, there is a focus on:

  • Techniques to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Identifying and managing emotions

  • Conflict resolution strategies

  • Coping skills

  • Self advocacy