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Getting Messy

A good thing for children to learn.

We hear this saying "Many hands make light work," and we think that it always has to do with cleaning up. What about getting dirty? Why don't we work together more often to get down into the dirt and create? We forget what it's like to get messy. It's getting messy, however, that allows us to learn about how to create, how to experiment and how to clean up when we're done. If we don't get messy, we can't clean up.

“We forget what it's like to get messy.”

When was the last time you experimented? Did you cook something different? Did you tie your shoes differently? Did you try working with a colleague that you did not know? We're not always making mud pies, but we can be in experimental positions all the time. It's what we do with it that matters.

Check out Neil DeGrasse Tyson in this video:

A challenge:

Encourage your child to get dirty every day!

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