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The Choices We Make

If you live in northern California, you are almost surrounded by smoke in these summer months. While many of us enjoy the outdoors, we may have to make some tough choices right now, when the air quality is so poor.

Should I let my child play and be outside, or is it better to keep them away from the smoke and just stay inside.

Well ultimately, as with any thing, the choice is up to those parenting the child. However, I believe this choice is even harder for families who homeschool their children, because inside might also mean being away from peers. Especially in the middle of a pandemic!

As an experienced teacher, I have always loved working with children, and I always enjoy the role I play as teacher. However, I have always said that teaching is not my #1 job. Rather, it is safety.

Keeping the children safe is paramount.

What that means is that sometimes I have to prioritize things I'd rather not. I might have to be creative and come up with a plan for indoors, when I was hoping for the Great Outdoors.

Young children need to know that we are looking out for them.

This might mean that instead of a scavenger hunt outside, you bring some items from nature INSIDE and hide them in a room or two. Or, you may decide to paint what you see framed in your window. Ultimately, you want to have joy in what your doing with your child, so that they know you feel good about your decision.

For more ideas on how to bring the outside in, email Janice at

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